One New Thing, Once a Week

One new thing, once a week.

That’s the commitment Alex, my boyfriend, and I recently made to ourselves and to each other.

Alex and I moved to Chicago from small town Marquette, Michigan in June. After a brief stint of living with his parents in the south side suburb of Homewood, we rushed into a little one bedroom apartment in the far north Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park.

I’m not talking Loyola University, Chicago, Rogers Park. I’m talking a five minute drive from Evanston Rogers Park. I’m talking last stop on the Red Line Rogers Park. And I absolutely love it.

Our neighborhood is perfect. The balance between single family homes and smaller apartment buildings makes it feel less like the third largest city in the United States and more like the small town I grew up in. Neighbors stop to say “hi” when they see you, people know each other best based on how many times their dogs have interacted and everyone gets their coffee from the closest local cafe. The only thing that interrupts this feeling is the occasional rumble of the “L” passing through.

But we didn’t move to Chicago to live the same life we did back in Marquette. We turned the page and moved here to start a new Chapter in our lives. And that’s why Alex and I are making a commitment to getting to know our new city, and our new life, together by trying or seeing or doing one new thing, once a week.

I'm making this same commitment to my blog. I will post one new thing on this blog once a week. There, I said it. And if I publish it on the internet, then I have to stand by it. You all will help hold me accountable, right? Ok great, thanks.

I hope you come back to find one new blog post, once a week.

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